The Books

The Junkyard Bot

Book 1: The Junkyard Bot

Worker robots keep the high-tech town of Terabyte Heights humming, but ten-year-old George Gearing is the only one who has a robot for a best friend. When his scrappy but beloved pal Jackbot is hit by a car, the whiz kid reengineers him with fancy parts from state-of-the-art TinkerTech Laboratories. Jackbot’s astounding new skills far exceed anything George—or even TinkerTech’s head of robotics—could ever have imagined. Will the villainous Dr. Micron destroy the whole town to see his tech-driven dream realized? Not if George and Jackbot can help it . . .

Lots of Bots

Book 2: Lots of Bots!

Having defeated the rampaging robots in The Junkyard Bot, George is thrilled to score his dream internship at Tinker Tech. But he and his best pal, Jackbot, realize that something does not compute when a dangerous new invention threatens Terabyte Heights. As he and his friends search for answers, they uncover secrets about George’s past that may change his life . . . forever.

Robots, engineering, and buddy stories have never been this cool, or this much fun. Perfect for restless readers who crave gizmos, gadgets, and mystery by the megabyte!

Battle of the Bots

Book 3: Battle of the Bots

In the third installment in the Robots Rule series, the evil Dr. Micron is finally behind bars, thanks to robotics whiz kid George Gearing and his best buddy Jackbot. But Terabyte Heights isn't the same since Tinker Tech Laboratories shut down.The townspeople begin abandoning their own beloved robots, and George is no closer to finding his mom and dad. There's only one man who can help save them, but if George enlists his help, who will save everyone else? Gear up for more high-tech high jinks as the epic battle of the bots begins!

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